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About us


Plant-based, all-natural products. 


OnePoint Market revolves around the desire to share sustainable high-rate products which align with farming and Non- GMO practices. We're excited to have the opportunity to source what's grown in nature in its simplest form. Our most rewarding supply chain. 


We have ensured the best quality of all of our goods founded upon Mediterranean's climate and its key features. 

  •  Overall a hilly landscape with cool winters and hot, dry summers
  • Biodiversity-rich environment which is home to unusual species 

Affordable Healthy Living

 Better Market For a Better Community.

Our commitment to the artisanal products and hidden Mediterranean gems we carry is a reflection on us;  the better market we can build, the better world we're shaping.  

We value the products' authentic origins and we're passionate about spreading the unaltered, healthy food to all American families.

Driven by this purpose our market place guarantees not only a wide variety of affordable solutions but the lowest in the industry. Eating healthy foods with nutritious value should not be a luxury. 


Wholesale Solutions

Bringing Mediterranean Closer to Home.

Part of our business activity is the distribution and warehousing network in all major U.S ports. We wouldn't like to miss out on the chance to contribute to the vision of the suppliers in the agriculture field, neither keep consumers from having fairly priced and nutritious Mediterranean treats.  

We vet potentially upcoming partners and proceed with the ones whose products meet our high-standards of nutrition and sustainability. This means that we may not grant everything, but we do the very best.