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This page is your all-in-one place for any questions you might need help with. Pick your question from the Most Frequently Asked Questions lists below, or contact us for any other information you may like.

Shipping & Delivery
Where is my order?

To locate your order, just click here or press the “Track Order” button on the main menu.

How much does shipping cost?
How long until my package is delivered?
How do you ensure the safety of the products?
Where are our products sourced from?

We source exclusively artisanal groceries from the Mediterranean region by local small and medium sized producers. Examples of brands we collaborate with can be found here.

How are the products exported to the U.S.?
What's different about Mediterranean products?
Who do I contact about a product/ingredient?

For any questions related to the ingredients of a product, please get in touch here.

How can I review a product?
Where can I view my review?
Can i try samples?
FDA Implications
How do you ensure food safety?

Our operating model is vertically integrated and our team handles FDA Compliance. All our suppliers must comply with FSMA regulations to be eligible for collaboration with OnePoint Market.

What package or storage do you use to boost food safety i.e frozen seafood?
Returns & Refund
How can I return an item for refund?

We do not accept returns; however, we would be more than happy to refund you should a problem appears with your delivery. In that case, please get in touch here.

I received a faulty / damaged product - what should I do?
Canceling Order
How can I cancel my order?

Any order that hasn’t left the warehouse can be canceled, following the necessary steps in “My Account” or in the confirmation email. Should you face any problems, feel free to contact us.

What happens after I've cancelled my order?
Payment & Offer
What happens with my FREE gift?

We want to give back to you for trusting OnePoint Market with your annual membership. The themed box of your choice includes 4 different products that most of which are not in the U.S Market yet (view themed boxes). After you receive your FREE gift, we would like to ask you to leave a review of the products received and in return, we will offer you an exclusive discount code for your next order.

What does wholesale prices mean?
What payment methods do you offer?