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We mainly import specialty foods & cosmetics and the below categories are just a few

Olives & Olive Oil

Olive oil is inextricably linked with the daily life of the Mediterranean nations; to also include the Greeks from ancient times until today. 


Our suppliers come from mainly Spain, Italy and Greece offering all types of olives, like Kalamata and black pitted, and olive oil cultivations, like Early Harvest and Sitia.

Baked Products

A visit to a traditional local bakery is an almost daily habit for all Mediterranean people. 

From a loaf of fresh bread for our table during lunch time, to salty and sweet snacks for the whole family, the options are numerous.

Pasta, Rice & Legumes

Pasta, rice and legumes are rich in complex carbohydrates, iron, selenium, calcium, protein and B vitamins while at the same time, it's fat, cholesterol and sodium free.

They fuel the human body with energy and important nutrients. Together, they form the base of the Pyramid of Mediterranean Diet.

Why buy from us?
No Middle-Men

We work directly with suppliers and we have our own internal supply chain team to handle shipments. In this way, we achieve economies of scale.  

Competitive DDP Prices
FDA Compliant Suppliers
FSVP Importer
Low MOQs

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